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Best Kept Secrets: Randolph Street Market


Last weekend I took a trip to the Randolph Street Market, located at the 1350 block of West Randolph Street
on the third weekend of each month through September, to see what I missed all last year. I was not going to let another summer pass without a stroll through the Indie Designer section inside the historic Plumblers Hall to check out what all the excitement is all about.

For those of you fashion lovers like me, Barbara Glass, I wanted to explore some of the jewelry, fashion, furniture, and interesting people that present their wares, along with the unique visitors… it’s a great place for people watching! And did I mention that I fell in love with the most decadent and yummy handmade chocolates by Katerine Anne confections? Yes, in addition to being a fashionista, I am a chocoholic. The team of Stacy Rauba and Yutaka Fujita presented some fun items in handmade hot pads and beautiful fashion pieces in tops and bottoms. My traveling buddy for the day bought a silver ring that was designed by Rodrigo Nunez. Other vintage jewelry vendors included Tamara Wolff Designs, who was there with her daughter, as well as Juliet Jewelry, K-Fleye jewelry, Pam Corrick Yeterday’s Glitz on Ruby Lane, Susan Elizabeth Designs, Bead of a Different Drum, and many others. One of the major fashion stars every year at the Indie show are the Double Stitch Twins, whose crochet pieces are a welcome addition to every woman’s wardrobe.

It was a fun day and I would recommend that you don’t exit until you try one of the chicken tamales. I know after you visit this great spot, the Randolph Street Market will no longer be a Best Kept Secret!