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M Burger: Hamburgers to Fit Everyone’s Budget


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I have some fun food news. Today, in this economy, hamburgers are back in fashion with a vengeance. And lucky for us, a hot new very small carry-out place called M Burger has opened just a few weeks ago at 161 E. Huron which also happens to be the side entrance to the upscale and award winning Tru restaurant. No, they don’t share the same kitchen but they do share providing good food. There are lines around the block with customers coming back  again several days in a week, like me, to sample the delicious burgers from $2.49 to $4.49 for a double M Burger….what a deal! And don’t miss the yummy shakes. In addition there is something for vegetarians called “Nurse Betty” with no meat. There is a small sitting area for 8 but plan on carrying out since there is little room with the constant crowds. 

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