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Shaved Head : “In or Out?”


Something I’ve been noticing around the streets of Chicago, and recently LA, are partially shaved heads. Even one of my interns is a follower of this trend, and she looks amazing.  I know it sounds crazy, but the first person I actually saw with this hairdo was Alice Dellal, a model, socialite, and daughter of a British millionaire.  The trend seems to be catching on.  Mel B (scary spice) and her daughter are both sporting the shaved look.  Do you think is it “In” or just terribly “Out”?

Jackie Tithof Steere

Is this 80′s style coming ’round again. Do I remember it from back then? Either way, no like.


It’s partially, not parshally. That being said, I think a partially shaved head on a woman can look great if done well.


“IN” on the right women!!!!!!!!

Jenny Milk

OOO OUCH this is gross. women should rock long beautiful hair!

Barbara Glass

I’d say so. And from what I’m seeing, some people are pulling it off quite well!