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Jean Leggings: “In or Out?”


Everyone has a pair of leggings, and I’m sure everyone has a pair of
denim in their closet but what about the new mix called “jeggings”? 
They are lightweight and comfortable like a pair of leggings but have
the appearance of skinny jeans.  Are these jeggins a mix made in heaven,
or are they a total bust?


Emily Zanotti

Ummm…bust. And it scares me to death knowing that, on the second floor of Neiman Marcus across from the shoe department there is an entire “jeggings” display with a sign that reads, “JEGGINGS!”
It also scares me that some of your photos portray “acid-wash jeggings.”


What a hater, probably someone who doesn’t understand high fashion. Jegging are ONLY and I repeat ONLY for trendsetters. Not everyone can rock them.


i love my denim leggings! regular jeans NEVER fit me properly, even with alterations, so denim leggings have been a godsend for fit and comfort. i think it also depends on how you wear them. i pair them with longer tops and they look great! don’t knock ‘em til you tried ‘em!

Claire Golan

hey, if they look good, wear ‘em. SO many jean styles are around, so keep ‘em for a bit. I’d hate to toss the ones I just bought….

Jenny Milk

you have to be pretty tight in the rear and thigh area if you want to pull these off! so yes, I think ANYTHING and everything is IN as long as the person wearing it looks good and confident..but somehow I don’t think many people can pull off the jean/legging look..unless they have zero cellulite. stick with jeans, they cover up more