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Street Style Thursday: Hollis Sigler Opening, Angel Otero Work Displayed at Chicago Cultural Center

me & artist Angel Otero pg.jpg

I did love the idea of bumping into celebs in Palm Springs at gallery
openings, Chicago does provide plenty of glitz and fun also.  Recently I went to the Hollis Sigler opening (Jan 23- March 28)
at the Chicago Cultural Center. It was packed with artists, students,
art lovers, and people who enjoy free wine along with free admission.
Having purchased a Hollis Sigler for my home early on in her career, it
was so rewarding to see the attention she continues to garner even
after her death with her beautiful images. 

Puerto RIcan born Angel Otero, a recent MFA grad of the Art
is one of the hot new darlings and rising star that everyone
is buzzing about in the Chicago art world and whose work was on display
(Jan 23-March 28) on the 4th floor gallery. It will be fun to watch his


Chicago Cultural Center
78 E. Washington St.,
Chicago, IL 60602

Phone: 312.744.6630
TTY: 312.744.2947

email: culture@cityofchicago.org

**Check out the gallery for some of the individuals at the Cultural Center.  Such a great opening!  Have a look for yourself… p.s. Did you see the IN or OUT? yesterday?!  What do YOU think?  Stay tuned tomorrow for the announcement of my NEXT GIVEAWAY(Did someone say Giveaway?!)**

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