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MUST-SEE VIDEO: Lady Gaga & Elton John Perform LIVE at the 52nd Annual Grammy’s

I couldn’t help but share this amazing video with all of you.  Though most of you may have seen it, if you have not–you must watch it!  Opening the 52nd Annual Grammy Awards was none other than Lady Gaga and musical legend, Elton John.  Both are known for their extreme sense of fashion and extravagant point of view when it comes to their style.  What a perfect combination of talent, surprise, and influence!  Lady Gaga stole the entire show, as every red carpet reporter talked about her from beginning to end.  Her popularity in our culture today is hard to deny as she influences fashion, music, and art at every turn.  She is truly one of the most fascinating woman that has the world has seen in quite some time.  Everything she touches turns to gold!  Have a look at the video and enjoy your night, Chicago…  Happy Grammy’s!


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