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Guest Blogger: Christina Fan, Designer of C/FAN


Spring 2010 Trends:

…with Christina Fan…

Love from the Serengeti:

Designers are waging war on
this gloomy winter by prepping troops for springtime battle with vibrant
tribal prints reminiscent of a desert sunset or trek in the jungle.
Well armed with wooden bangles and ethnic inspired accessories galore,
today’s fashionista is stampeding into the sunlight in vivacious gear
that celebrates life in all its glory.  Yet, I find that Spring
2010 ushers in a softer version of the Amazonian warrior by combining
geometric patterns with delicate fabrics and feminine silhouettes. One
may find that bedecking her entire body with a bold kaleidoscopic pattern
too daring.  To this individual I say – just throw on a tribally
influenced scarf and tread through the urban jungle with confidence
in your fashion prowess!

**Visit the gallery below to view some images collected by
Christina Fan, just for you!  Be sure to check out her fabulous
C/FAN, offering beautiful garments that shift seamlessly from work to play…** 

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