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Guest Blogger: Christina Fan, Designer of C/FAN


Spring 2010 Trends:

…with Christina Fan…

Girl Meets Boy:

Or is it Boy meets Girl?  Lately, fashion is blurring the line between masculinity and
femininity with styles such as dropped crotch pants,
boyfriend blazers, and even men in skirts.  YSL was one of the first in the
industry to shock us with the tuxedo for women (gasp!) with a campaign that
focused on an androgynous model. 

Nowadays, it’s a common occurrence for women to wear their boyfriend’s
jeans or shirts.  In many cases,
these styles are often viewed as the most fashion forward.  With designers such
as Chanel and Dolce & Gabbana, trending towards the epicene, smaller brands
will soon follow suit by the masses. 
While to some of you this trend may seem risky or perhaps even
unattractive–I believe it is all about embracing comfort and ease.  Warning! Don’t just grab one of Dad’s
old suits.  Pair a menswear
inspired dress shirt with a pair of leggings and
hot heels and call it a day. Easy!

**Visit the gallery below to view some images collected by
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